Ceramic and Bricks



Considering Tecflam Srl’s geographic position close to Sassuolo (Modena), known as the ceramic capital of the world; it was inevitable that Tecflam Srl would have the possibility to supply special and reliable burners of high capacity, to the most important ceramic plant manufacturers in the area. Air duct burners for Spray dryers for gas fuels or Dual Head burners for liquid fuels (even Heavy Oil with high viscosity emulsionated with water to reduce consumption and eliminate pollutant emissions) Added to these are also burners for vertical dryers and recently, even for some horizontal dryers. Thanks to these important clients, Tecflam burners are functioning in many parts of the world with great satisfaction by the end user, plant manufacturer and by Tecflam Srl. TO the burner reliability, Tecflam Srl also provides after sales service by highly qualified people, and a stock room full of available spares. In recent months Tecflam Srl has been defining Technical/Commercial agreements so as to institute local service centres.