Due to hands on experience from some of our directors in the grain industry, Tecflam Srl has designed and manufactured Burners suited for the drying of corn, rice and other cereals. Often at agricultural trade shows one can see Tecflam burners mounted on display in a dryer. This is a demonstration of the high reliability and efficiency of these burners. Tecflam burners are currently in operation in many agricultural companies in Italy, as well as in countries in Northern and Eastern Europe and soon Tecflam’s Technical sales division will gear up to be able to present these burners to the North and South American markets. Industrial direct fired duct burners for gas fuels, Industrial dual block burners for liquid fuels are the main Tecflam products for this industrial sector. Over and above these burners, in cooperation with Tecnecoforni Srl, a company of our group, Tecflam Srl can supply combustion chambers for indirect fire often requested for liquid fuels. Its especially in this industrial sector that Tecflam Srl shows its flexibility thanks to the sales team awareness to the specific needs of the clients plant. 20 years of experience, keeping up to date with electrical and gas normatives, needed certifications issued by the authorities of various countries make Tecflam burners more and more appreciated and requested from this specific sector.