All Tecflam burners are of the modulating type and can be supplied for capacities from 200 to 30.000 kW. Tecflam Industrial burners can operate with the following fuels: - Natural Gas (8500 p.c.i kcal/Nm3)
- Natural gas liquid (p.c.i 8500 kcal/Nm3)
- LPG (p.c.i kcal/Nm3 24000)
- Town gas (p.c.i 1500 kcal/Nm3)
- Bio Gas (5500 p.c.i kcal/Nm3)
- Kerosene (p.c.i .. 00 kcal/Nm3)
- Diesel (p.c.i 10,210 Kcal / Kg)
- Fuel oil (pci 9400 Kcal / Kg) With viscosity up to 80°E at 50°C. Tecflam burners are able to burn this type of Oil as it is supplied from the refinery or otherwise emulsifying it with water to lower consumption and reduce pollutant emissions in the fumes or in the product that needs to be dried (see spray dryers for the Ceramic industry) Tecflam Srl can also design and supply the Burners Oil supply system with all the necessary components as well as to execute and commission the system. Several directors have carried out and commissioned these systems since 1983 and have transferred to their colleagues all their experience acquired on site, in Italy and abroad. Note: these fuels are normally used on their own, however, in cases where the client needs to pay special attention to the variation in cost of the fuel or in the event that he needs to guarantee that the industrial process does not come to a halt due to a lack of fuel, Tecfalm Srl can supply multi fuel burners suitable for burning more than one fuel. Tecflam Srl has supplied on request for specific projects, Industrial, modulating Dual block burners for four different type of fuels (natural gas, LPG, Light Oil and Heavy Oil emulsified with water). These burners have been working perfectly for several years in a plant in a North African country.