Refuse/Waste Treatment (Incinerators)



This represents a very important chapter of how Tecflam Srl can satisfy the needs of a client. It started off in 1996, having been called out to service a machine on a plant in the city. With the agreement from those responsible of the plant, improvements were made on the electrical side and to the settings of old existing burners. Due to and following the results and reliability obtained, at the first occasion, new technologies are proposed and new burners installed on another site in the region. From that moment on, Tecflam Srl, together with other components from other manufacturers, has supplied tens of plants (Burners, gas trains, electrical control panels and sheet metal work) in Italy. The results were and are excellent, with the most recent project to commence in the next few months. The reliability of Tecflam Srl’s supply permit Tecflam to underline with enthusiasm this reference.