Our company was founded 30 years ago, on the 1'st of January 1983. Without sounding either too superficial or too wordy in describing our company, we would like to share, for those who find us on the web, all the stages that have brought Tecflam Srl to be what it' is and to demonstrate all the experiences that have created our foundation. ecflam Srl, today, is only the last stage of a journey started by two friends who at the beginning of the 80's, an era never to be repeated again, a company that comprises of a sales, service and maintenance departments of high quality burners.
The sale and maintenance of high capacity burners needs continuous honing, and we start to discover the absence and potential f this type of work and we initiate the manufacturing of medium capacity industrial burners, putting together the maintenance experience from previous years.
Local technicians enter the engineering department, the brand name is born, together with one of the leading burner manufacturers from Treviso. During this period the company is called Ecoflam Industrial Srl, with head office at Reggio Emilia and it's from here that we start manufacturing burners for all types of sectors as shown on our home page. Our burners provide satisfaction and the turnover starts to increase. In 2005 several partners acquire the shares from the partners in Treviso; the company changes name to Tecflam Srl.
The administrative, engineering and after sales service departments remain unchanged, always from the offices in Cavriago, Reggio Emilia.
The company provides bursaries for certain Technical institutes, some of which are the best students; these will enter the company and empower the staff and our future. THe OEMs continue to represent our client base and from 2008 OEMs from foreign markets start to add to our local turnover. The following is visible in the various sections of our website and for the future, Tecflam Srl will work along side those who believe in our industrial burners and in our people, who design, promote, manufacture and provide after sale service.